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Steve Andrews

Associate Director


Steve Andrews is an associated director based in the UK. He is responsible for maintaining and creating client relationships, analysing trade data and conducting marketing campaigns for predominantly UK and other European-based clients.

Steve has more than fifteen years professional experience working with trade data, sourcing the data and servicing customers which included organisations linked to the steel industry such as steel producers, miners, shipping companies and investment banks.  He is also an experienced analyst of trade data, predominantly in the steel and metals industry, and during his career he has been asked to present metals trade and industry data at various conferences, meetings and committees, including at the UK Government House of Commons.

In addition, Steve has contributed to various academic papers in relation to the steel industry and given expert advice to a number of industry and academic interests.  He also has experience in running a European association for steel wires, arranging the meetings and presenting relevant data to the members.

Steve is originally from southwest UK and graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in Environmental Science.