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We Assemble and Publish the World’s Trade Data

At Trade Data Monitor, we deliver the world’s most accurate statistics– and the insights you need to master global trade. Whether you’re in government, corporate strategy, manufacturing, analysis, law, or part of an international organization, our dedication to accurate, verified, and comprehensive data empowers you to make well-informed decisions that lead to success.

our approach

Mapping the Global Trade Landscape

We lead the way by gathering monthly import and export statistics from customs agencies, statistics institutes, and various sources in over 115 countries across 6 continents. Our exclusive software smoothly compiles, arranges, and converts this data into easy-to-understand charts, allowing you to navigate the complex world of international trade with speed, ease and clarity.


Gaining Market Insights

Gain the competitive edge with market intelligence accessible in a dozen languages and fifty currencies. Stay ahead of the competition by gaining access to trade insights long before they do. Our carefully curated databases provide user-friendly sorting and readability, enhanced with tariff codes, values, weights, prices, and, where available, specific port and region information.

Adapting to Changing Trade Landscapes

As the world of global trade undergoes significant changes, TDM is dedicated to continuously updating our databases with the latest software and methodologies. We’re here to provide you with accurate, current, and valuable trade statistics, giving you the confidence to navigate the dynamic trade landscape.



Monthly trade statistics updated on release for 115+ countries


Ability to extract data to Excel, Text, CSV, and more


Create commodity and partner country groups


Detailed Harmonized Tariff Code information
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