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Trade Data Monitor, Inc. (TDM) is the world’s top supplier of trade statistics to governments, corporations, manufacturers, law firms, trade associations and international organizations on six continents.

TDM collects monthly import and export statistics from customs agencies, statistics institutes and other sources in over 110 countries, then uses proprietary software to assemble, organize, and publish the data in user-friendly charts.

TDM offers unrivaled market intelligence in real-time in a dozen languages, and all currencies, months and sometimes years before the competition. TDM databases are easy to sort and read, and richly detailed by tariff code, value, weight, price, and, when available, port and region.

TDM also delivers the world’s best customer services, with offices in Geneva, Charleston, New York and Washington, staffed by world-renowned experts with decades of experience in global trade statistics, commodities and supply chains. They provide thorough training and fast feedback, making it easy for customers to harness trade statistics for their business, research, policy management, and legal cases.

As global trade undergoes massive changes, TDM remains committed to keeping its databases updated with the latest software and methodology, and to providing its customers with the most accurate, up-to-date and valuable trade statistics in the world.

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Our databases are easy to read, and our global commodity reporting systems are built to meet your specific supply chain, international trade statistics, and government information needs.

Find exactly the data you need with the precise search tools of the comprehensive Trade Data Monitor® database.

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Our data covers every country, industry, trade route and supply chain in the world, using thousands of unique HS codes to track each distinct product and commodity. For every HS code, we use trade statistics to help you understand what’s really happening.

Personal Attention

Trade Data Monitor® has premier customer service. Our experts are always available to answer questions about statistics, database, HS codes, methodology and other key areas of global trade.

We Don’t Just Build Information Systems, We Build Relationships

Clients come to us from around the world for our indisputable expertise and stay because of our unsurpassed service and the adaptable relevance of our platform. Based on your ever-evolving needs, we will continuously fine-tune your product.

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Our team members are committed to integrity, reliability, and customer service and are internationally recognized as trade data experts.

Executive Team

Donald Brasher, global trade data expert

C. Donald Brasher Jr., President, Trade Data Monitor, Inc.

C. Donald Brasher Jr. is an internationally known expert on trade policy and a leader in assisting governments, associations and industries in analyzing trade data to make strategic decisions.

Don founded and serves as President of Trade Data Monitor LLC, a firm dedicated to assisting in the understanding of official merchandise trade statistics. The company is dedicated to assisting international organizations, associations, companies and governments in using trade statistics to give an enhanced perspective on the evolution of the global market place.

Earlier in his career, Don worked in the arena of global trade data analysis for the U.S. Commerce Department, the Center for International Technological Cooperation and Development at American University, and the International Business and Economic Research Corporation in Washington, D.C. He co-founded his first company, International Development Systems, Inc. in 1986, advising major importers and retailers of textiles and apparel from around the world. He has advised over 16 governments in major trade negotiations. Since 2006, Don has lived in Geneva, Switzerland.

Don is recognized as an authority on the world of trade by the international media, business organizations and universities. He has been quoted in a wide range of publications, including The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Journal of Commerce and others, along with being interviewed on National Public Radio. Don served for over 15 years as an adjunct professor at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, lecturing on globalization and entrepreneurship. He has been a feature speaker on the topic of trade at the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, the Global Business Dialogue and the National Association of Business in Washington, and at other venues.

Don studied international economics and international law at the graduate level at American University and the University of Delaware. He is a graduate of Lynchburg College with a bachelor of science in economics and a bachelor of arts in European literature and philosophy. In addition to English he has a working knowledge of French and Italian.

Brigitte Stringfield, global trade data acquisition and customer service

Brigitte Stringfield, Executive Vice President

Brigitte Stringfield manages marketing, data acquisition and customer service for Trade Data Monitor in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. She works closely with organizations including government ministries, international organizations, trade associations, and corporations, and leads a team developing new markets and providing client support to economists, trade analysts, and market intelligence specialists. With a background in teaching at the collegiate and executive level, Brigitte is a natural at educating potential clients about trade data and how to analyze it.

Brigitte has been working in trade data since she began translating contracts and marketing materials into French over 20 years ago. Brigitte then became involved in trade analysis, data acquisition and marketing products and services, playing an important role in growing the European market.

Brigitte is a native of Annecy, France, and a graduate of the University of Grenoble, where she majored in foreign languages, with a minor in business. She is fluent in French and English, with a professional working proficiency of German and Spanish.

Miguel Alomar Escandell, Director  of trade data processing team

Miguel Alomar Escandell, Director of Information Technology Systems

Ensuring the accuracy of Trade Data Monitor’s comprehensive databases is a key priority for Miguel Alomar Escandell, who oversees the data processing team and works on database design and implementation.

Miguel is an expert in databases and data warehouses, with 20 years of experience working on IT projects in the industries of banking, insurance, healthcare, hotels, and travel.

He has worked on all aspects of the product development lifestyle including the gathering and analysis of requirements, architecture design, configuration and build, unit and integration testing and post-production support.

Miguel spent 12 years in Zurich, Switzerland where he worked as an external data warehouse consultant for Credit Suisse. His wide range of responsibilities on various projects included working as a data architect and developer, database designer, business analyst, technical team leader and PL/SQL developer. Prior to that, Miguel worked at Swisslife as an external Oracle consultant.

He is a graduate of the University of the Balearic Islands with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in computer science. Miguel is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan.

John W. Miller

John W. Miller, Chief Economic Analyst

John W. Miller is TDM’s Chief Economic Analyst, in charge of writing TDM Insights, a newsletter analyzing key issues through trade statistics. John is an award-winning journalist who’s reported from 45 countries for the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, and NPR. As a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal, he covered all aspects of global trade, including the World Trade Organization, the Doha Round, tariff negotiations, smuggling, customs, counterfeit goods, global commodities, steel and mining, USTR, the EU Commission, bilateral and multilateral negotiations, key disputes such as Airbus-Boeing, and regulatory issues across the spectrum. He is co-director of the acclaimed documentary film “Moundsville”, which will be screened on PBS throughout 2020. John is from Brussels, and is fluent in English and French.

Client Support and Development Team

AliEdip Altan Yurdakul

AliEdip Altan Yurdakul, Executive Director

AliEdip Altan Yurdakul is Executive Director for Trade Data Monitor. Based in Switzerland, he oversees the day-to day business activities of the Geneva office. He develops the EMEA & Asian markets and handles high-level business support for TDM clients, including international organisations like the UN, national ministries, industry associations, and corporations.

Altan is responsible for acquiring trade statistics from government ministries, and represents TDM at international events and conferences. As an expert in the methodology of trade statistics, he guides clients in using trade data to benefit their work. 

Before TDM, Altan worked at senior management positions in start-ups and multinational companies across different industries and countries. He holds a degree in Applied Economic Sciences from the University of Brussels in Belgium and studied at the University of Bologna in Italy.

He is fluent in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, German and Arabic.

Jade Tate

Jade Tate, Director of U.S., Canada & Australia

Jade Tate provides corporations, government agencies, trade associations and other TDM clients with support in the North American and Asian regions. Her responsibilities include maintaining and creating client relationships, building and managing marketing campaigns, and assisting with the analysis of international trade data. She has trained over 90 overseas officials at the United States Department of Agriculture to use the TDM trade statistics databases, helping them to improve management of U.S. agricultural policy.

Jade is an active participant in the Washington, D.C. international trade community, and a member of the Young Trade Professionals, a niche group within the Washington International Trade Association, and often attends Global Business Dialogue events.

Jade started her career with TDM as a marketing coordinator/trade data analyst intern while attending the Zane Showker College of Business at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She has a working knowledge of Spanish and attended the University of Salamanca in Spain during the summer of 2018. She received her bachelor’s degree in International Business with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Business Spanish in May 2019.

Tania Ball

Tania D. Ball, Business Manager

Tania Ball oversees TDM’s U.S. headquarters, where she manages company finances and administration, and provides support to clients and TDM employees. She assists the company’s experts in trade statistics in working more efficiently with clients, customs agencies and other data providers. Prior to TDM, Tania worked in Nicaragua and Belize in external auditing, business administration, customer service, accounting, and human resources. At PricewaterhouseCoopers in Managua, Nicaragua, she perfected the accounting and technical skills that she employs for TDM. As country rep for U.S. non-profit International Samaritan in Nicaragua, she managed funds, conducted oversight, and supervised hundreds of high school and college students who served in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Tania received a degree in business administration and finance from the American University in Managua and is fluent in English and Spanish.
Maria Vretenicic

Maria Vretenicic, Senior Account Manager

Maria Vretenicic is a senior account manager for Trade Data Monitor. Based in Geneva, she is responsible for client relationships across Europe, including national ministries and organizations, international corporations, and banks. Maria also focuses on the production of graphics providing clients with clear and useful visual insights of the evolving trends in the markets. Before TDM, Maria worked as customer service and tender manager for firms from high-tech to pharmaceuticals. She holds a master’s degree in Public Management & Administration from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow while attending an Erasmus year at the University of Konstanz and a degree from the School of Banking and Management also in Krakow. Maria is fluent in English, German, and Polish.


Chris Zimpo

Chris Zimpo, Senior International Trade Data Advisor

Chris Zimpo has over almost two decades' experience at the Department of Commerce Office of Accounting in the division of Enforcement and Compliance (E&C). Chris’s primary focus was investigating and analyzing the cost of production foreign manufacturers in antidumping (AD) investigations. He has worked more than a hundred AD proceedings. Chris has also participated in AD hearing and prepared final decision memorandum for E&C. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Business.

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Senior Trade Policy Advisor

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz is a policy strategist and entreprenuer, at the origin of several collaborative ventures applied to solving complex international governance issues.

He currently serves as a trusted advisor on ESG and sustainability. Also, a Strategic Advisor, LatinTrade; Climate and Energy Advisor, World Business Council for Sustainable Development; Nonresident Senior Fellow, Center for China and Globalisation, and is buidling Caeruleum | Globe & Sustainability, a thought leadership paltform. He is the co-founder and executive lead of the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), active 1996-2018, known for BRIDGES, a periodical series in 8 languages/regions, as well as its authoritative research and policy dialogues, and Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano, (Quito, Ecuador) that promotes sustainable development in leadership and fosters conflict management for major socio-environmental tensions.

In 2012-18, jointly with the World Economic Forum, Ricardo conceived and co-convened the E15 Initaitive, a major undertaking involving 400 experts to chart options for the future of the global trade system. He also led SETI (sustainable energy trade initiative), a public-private campaign engaging major wind and solar energy manufacturers. He acted as co-chair of task forces and advisor for China, German, and Argentina G20 presidencies. He was the lead negotiator of the US-Colombia Framework Agreement on Trade and Investment (1989/90). During GATT’s Uruguay Round, he was chargé d’affairs and negotiator on services, investment, IPRs, textiles, development, environment and functioning of the GATT system; chaired the International Textile and Clothing Bureau; UN Commisions on Commodites and on Preferences; and acted as G77 spokesperson during the UNCED and U.N. preparatory processes on climate change. Previously, he had been Adviser, Minister of Economic Development, and Chief of Administration at the Office of the President of Colombia. Ricardo has served as member, UN Secretary General’s Millenium Project Task Force on Trade; designated chair, EU-Korea FTA Dispute Settlement Panel of Experts on Sustainable Development and member, Experts Panel of NAFTA’s Commission on Environmental Cooperation.

Ricardo has published works and books with Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge U Press, Edward Elgar Publishing, Éditions Charles Léopold Mayer and other. He studied economics and political science at Uni Andes (Bogotá); social sciences at Harvard University; leadership, corporate sustainability and blockchain strategies at Oxford Said Business School. Spanish, English and French are his working languages.

Information Technology Systems Team

Andrew Chan

Andrew E. Chan, Data Quality Analyst

Andrew E. Chan coordinates data acquisition, quality control, and automation for TDM. During the company’s launch, he helped develop its design, organization and production process. To support clients monitoring the trade war, Andrew keeps TDM up to date with commodity groups affected by tariffs. His other responsibilities include technical writing, training staff, overseeing logistics, and auditing data.

Andrew draws on coursework in statistics, and developed his skills in research and client support working in banking, healthcare, customer service, and piano instruction. He is a graduate of Clemson University and has a working knowledge of Cantonese.

Yingying Zeng

Yingying Zeng, Data Quality Analyst

Yingying Zeng’s responsibilities include data processing, analysis, and publishing. She acquires data, generates data reports for clients, and prepares the Chinese edition of the TDM web app. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a PhD in media and public policy. Yingying is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith, Data Quality Analyst

Jonathan Smith performs data processing, analysis, and quality assurance, coordinating with other team members to meet daily deadlines and ensure the timely integration of data into the TDM web app. He works with data subscriptions, writes database procedures, and designs scripts facilitating data acquisition. Jonathan brings to TDM a knowledge of logistics from past work for Panalpina in freight forwarding, and a degree in supply chain management and computer information systems from the College of Charleston.

Damon Diaz

Damon Diaz, Data Acquisition and Processing Manager

Damon Diaz manages data acquisition, processing, analysis, and automation for Trade Data Monitor. He writes python scripts to automate the extraction of data and writes SQL procedures to process data after extraction. He is currently attending Western Governors University working to complete his Bachelors in Computer Science. Damon is from New York City with an ethnic background of Colombian and Dominican. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

Ashim Pokharel

Ashim Pokharel, Web Developer and Software Engineer

Ashim Pokharel is a web developer and software engineer for Trade Data Monitor. He is a graduate of Purbanchal University, Nepal, and the University of Turku, in Finland, where he studied computer engineering, network security and cryptography. He has designed applications using PHP, Ajax, Javascript, Jquery, and MySQL, and has worked at companies including SoftNep, Wishers, D3mill, and Open My Network. 


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